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Pilots qualified for IFR flights will be able to fly below the operating visual minimums.

Here at Blumenau Flight Academy, both Private Pilots and Commercial Pilots have the possibility of including this rating in their licenses.

The training begins in our IFR/AATD Simulator: Here the student will gain their initial notions of how an IFR flight takes place, either in Raw Data (older navigation method) or in GPS, with procedures that will develop speed in decision making and subsequent actions.

The next phase of the training is carried out in one of our aircraft qualified for IFR flight (P28A in the case of single-engine or PA34 in the case of multi-engine).

At this point, much of what was trained in the simulator will apply to the flight itself. At that moment, the student must bear in mind that their are in a real situation and that their situational awareness must be sharp (for this reason, we recommend that the moment of the simulator be well used).


Be a commercial pilot

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