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At Blumenau Flight Academy we always value the good and safe conduct of our operations. We are fully aware that when someone chooses to fly with us, that person is placing their greatest trust in us.

It is with this in mind that we work hard together with our Technical Maintenance Center, with our team of flight instructors, employees and partners so that the standard is always maintained. No breaches, no exceptions. And this pattern must be reflected in the students who graduate here with us, so that this legacy of good operating habits will reach greater distances as our students reach great positions in their careers. This is one of the missions of ours, in contribution to the aeronautical community. At the bottom of the page, you will find our portal for sending Safety Reports (in Portuguese).


Lectures are held periodically at our academy to raise awareness among our students and professionals regarding operational safety here. These are taught by our Operational Safety Manager and are highly instructive, thus making us more alert and careful every day. "SMS" stands for "Safety Management System".


Sporadically, inspections take place in search of FODs (Foreign Object Debris): Objects on the runway that should not be there and that may cause unwanted occurrences. Such inspections do not have a minimum or maximum frequency, but at our academy they occur at least once a year and/or when our Operational Safety Manager deems it necessary.


Once a year, an air accident simulation is held at our academy in order to train staff and students in how Crisis Management should be conducted in the unlikely event that a real situation arises. We always assume that preparation is never too much.

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Pedimos que o envio do RELPREV seja feito com seriedade e responsabilidade. O intuito do mesmo é manter a constante melhora de nossos procedimentos de segurança enquanto CIAC, em prol da segurança de nossos alunos e instrutores.

Não é obrigatória a identificação, ainda que incentivada; este formulário será encaminhado diretamente ao gestor de Segurança Operacional da nossa escola, que por sua vez irá tomar ciência de seu relato e atuar para a mitigação do risco.   

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