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Glider-flying is also practiced at our academy!

Because its practice is quite didactic, we believe that the glider pilot's (GPL) license is a differential in the pilot's curriculum.

Foto por Daniel Popinga

The flight is conducted with the help of thermals (“hot air pockets”), which make piloting quite challenging, and help in the training of pilots with great flight sensitivity, the so-called “hand and foot”.

Available sailplanes at Blumenau Flight Academy: 04

PP-KDT (Super-Ximango AMT200) 

PP-FJV (Nhapecan) 

PT-PHP (Quero-quero)

PT-PLV (Grob G-103)



  • Super-Ximango:

Rotax engine 912A of 80hp
Maximum Take-off weight – 805kg
Cruise speed – 205km/h

  • Nhapecan:

Maximum Take-off weight – 565kg
Glide rate – 28.5:1

  • Quero-quero:

Maximum Take-off weight – 280kg
Glide rate – 27.5:1

  • Grob G-103:

Maximum Take-off weight - 580kg

Glide rate - 37:1

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