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The Private Helicopter Pilot Course - commonly known as "PHP" - is the initial license a pilot obtains for the operation of rotary-wing aircraft. It consists of an initial theoretical portion, followed by a practical segment.

The private helicopter pilot course is designed to provide aspiring pilots with the skills and knowledge necessary to operate a helicopter safely and efficiently. The theoretical portion of the course is an essential component of this process.

Upon completing the theoretical segment, students progress to the practical portion of the course. This stage is conducted in an actual helicopter under the supervision of experienced instructors. Your training will take place at Blumenau Flight Academy in partnership with Plano de Voo flight school.

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The private helicopter pilot course is a challenging and exciting journey, combining theoretical understanding of aeronautical principles with intensive practical flight training. The partnership between Blumenau Flight Academy and Plano de Voo school provides a comprehensive learning platform for aspiring helicopter pilots, preparing them to fly with safety and competence.

The course lasts for approximately 4 months. After that, the student is qualified to take the test at ANAC.

    At least 17 years of age, Secondary School (on-course or finished) with letter of authorization from parents or legal guardian.
    First or Second class medical certificate (for practical part, only).

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