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Here at Blumenau Flight Academy we have the glider planes´ club, where students become glider pilots: A more critical flight because, by definition, gliders do not have an engine.

Many choose to start their careers as such, others choose it later. No matter what your case, sailing is always recommended for those who want to have the primary flight experience, with thermals that make our gliders rise.

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In addition, having a glider pilot's license represents a significant difference in a pilot's curriculum. For it is known that they have great dexterity in the so-called "foot and hand".

Thermals are “pockets” of air that come off the ground due to solar radiation, and rise to the atmosphere. Glider pilots rely on this phenomenon to keep flying, with the takeoff being performed by a towing aircraft that releases the glider at a safe altitude so that it can begin its flight.

Gliding was born in Germany, at the end of the World War I when resources for the construction of airplanes were scarce. A movement was then created to encourage flight without an engine: Its precursor was called Otto Lilienthal, known as “The father of sailing flight”, who had already dared to fly before the invention of the airplane. The forerunner of gliding in Blumenau was German pilot Erich Laskowski, who came to our city to bring this modality in 1924.

Glider operations at the -today called- Quero-quero Airport began in 1927 with sailing thanks to Fliegerbund Blumenau, which came to build the first Brazilian glider, the Phoenix.

Even today at Blumenau Flight Academy we continue with glider operations, carrying this beautiful legacy forward, and you can be part of this history. Come fly with us!


Otto Lilienthal


The building of Phoenix

    At least 17 years of age, Secondary School (on-course or finished) with letter of authorization from parents or legal guardian.
    First or Second class medical certificate (for practical part, only).

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