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The P28A is a domestically manufactured single-engine aircraft (formerly Neiva, now part of Embraer), extremely comfortable and easy to fly, great for pilot training.


It is used both for day and night visual flights as well as for IFR flights (under instrument conditions, where the student relies only on the instruments on board to fly). It currently has Garmin G5 artificial horizon, Garmin G5 Giro/HSI, GTN 650 GPS, GFC 500 autopilot.

With tricycle landing gear and a low wing, it is quite docile. Also used for panoramic flights, carrying the pilot plus three passengers.

Our P28A was acquired brand-new in the 80's and has been part of our fleet ever since.

Aicraft of this model at Blumenau Flight Academy: 01


AVCO Lycoming O-360, 180hp engine

Maximum Take-off Weight – 1157kg
Cruise speed – 110kt (203km/h)
Endurance – 4h 30min

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