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Perpare for the airlines on the first full-scale Boeing 737 simulator in Santa Catarina, Brazil!

Ideal for pilots who have completed professional training (CPL) and have IFR flight experience. Airlines require that the candidate has at least experience in multi-crew (RBAC 121) or Airline Pilot Standard/Multi Crew Cooperation: Training with the goal of instructing the pilot in the functions according to the designated operation with emphasis on CRM (Crew Resource Management) and abnormal operations acting in their respective function as designated in the Boeing 737NG aircraft operating manuals.

Training takes place at Blumenau Flight Academy, in a full-scale simulator. The course is divided into a theoretical phase and a practical phase.

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WhatsApp Image 2023-09-04 at 10.27.54.jpeg

During the theoretical part, students will become familiar with the normal (and abnormal) procedures of a Boeing 737NG and will be instructed in CRM tools, which essentially is the division of tasks between pilots and efficient communication on board an aircraft.

On flight simulation, students will perform instrument departure and arrival procedures and will encounter abnormal occurrences that are introduced by the instructor. With that in mind, students will have to act in accordance with the QRH (Quick Reference Handbook): Operations Guide on board the aircraft, separated into components and situations.

First students to take the Airline Pilot Standard and Multi Crew Cooperation course in the state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Theoretical phase lasts for 15 hours and practical 20.


Hold a CPL license with IFR rating, or be a practical CPL student under IFR training.

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