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The airplane Certified Flight Instructor Course – commonly known as “CFI”, is the first possibility of applying the knowledge and experience of the already formed CPL.

As in the PPL and CPL, the course initially comprises a theoretical part, and a practical part in parallel.


The theoretical course is different from all others seen so far. This course will address a pedagogical vision, since the focus of this license is to train a pilot capable of TEACHING. Among other subjects, the theoretical course addresses:

  • Civil Aviation;

  • Flight physiology;

  • Psycho-pedagogical disciplines;

  • Flight safety;

  • Air law.

The practical course focuses on mastering adverse situations caused by a potential student's lack of experience.

It consists of 27 hours of flight, and 3 hours on simulator. It focuses training mainly on landing and takeoff procedures and simulated breakdowns/emergencies, as well as on navigation flights.

    18 years of age
    Secondary school (with school history)
    First-class medical certificate (for practical phase, only)

       Fully completed CPL course.

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