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In order for students to become familiar with all aspects related to flights as well as aircraft, we at Blumenau Flight Academy give a course called "Ground School" where not only the technical aspect is showcased to the student but also flight planning aspects.

There are 3 Ground School models at Blumenau Flight Academy:

  • Taildraggers

  • Tricycles

  • Multi-engine 

Ground School trainig is composed by theoretical and practical phases, being the practical called CPT (CPT – Cockpit Procedures Training).


Enrolled students in one of our practical courses shall go through this phase, that consists of 3 full instruction hours within the aircraft on ground, only to one student and certified flight instructor. During this private lesson on the grounded aircraft, the student will become familiar with all aspects envolving the aircraft and flight planning preparing them eficiently for real flying. There are 3 phases to Ground School, which are: 

  •  Standard & Maneuvers manual, Meteorological conditions searching methods, pre-flight inspections.

  •  Cabin familiarization and NOTAM consultation.

  • Simulated flight in non-controlled area, radiotelephony training, checlist use during normal procedures as well as AIP and ROTAER.

  •  Simulated flight in controlled area, radiotelephony training and complete flight plan filing as well as simplified.

  •  Simulated flight training on ground, observing emergency procedures and familiarization with emergency checklist.




A focused lesson and ministered only to enrolled students in one of our theoretical courses, where a certified flight instructor presents the aircraft manual, details and specifications. 

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