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The Flight Attendant is a professional who acts as a security agent and has the task of ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers, always being attentive to possible emergencies, in addition to providing on-board logistical services and services before, during and after the flight.

To enter this area, the first step is to enroll in our course. In it you will have classes in first aid, social etiquette, meteorology, air navigation, emergency, survival, civil aviation system (aviation history), general knowledge of aircraft and air law, in addition to many practical and theoretical classes.

The last phase of the course consists of survival in the water and in the wild. This is the moment when students will have the opportunity to put what was taught in class, into practice: The psychological aspect, decision-making and leadership will be put to test.


The Flight Attendant Course is professional, approved by the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), and has an average duration of 04 (four) months. At the end of the course, approved candidates must take the ANAC assessment test.

    18 years of age
    Secondary school (with school history)

       Second-class medical certificate

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