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Learn from the best how to enter and exit acrobatic maneuvers safely and efficiently. The course is aimed at pilots (PPL or CPL) already in possession of their licenses. After completing this course, you will be able to fly solo recreationally or become an aerosportsman.

The course aims above all to sharpen the acuity of vision (Eyeballing), precision, mastery of the aircraft and adrenaline.


Hold AT LEAST the PPL.
Medical certificate First or Second class
Valid Single Engine rating
Experience on the aircraft used during training or at least on hour of CPT (Cockpit Procedures Training) on it.
Show knowledge on the SOP (Standard Operational Procedures) of the aircraft used by Blumenau Flight Academy, as well as the school´s standad practices
Have a valid recent experience on the aircraft (have flown during the past 90 days)

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